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Helping Hands in Baja

Green Tortoise adventure bus tours - Baja Beach

Helping Hands in Baja Adventure Map - Green Tortoise

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Helping Hands in Baja Departures:

Round Trip from San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego:

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Helping Hands in Baja - 11 Days

This 11-day trip features an opportunity to engage in a hands-on experience helping a rural village in Southern Baja California. Participants perform community service in a remote setting and learn teamwork, basic building skills, and the importance of "giving back."

Local children and young adults from the village work right alongside, widening the perspectives of visiting contributors, and creating a unified group effort that blurs racial distinction. In addition to the service work and cultural exchange, each traveler will have the opportunity to explore the area and partake in daily kayak, snorkeling, boating or mule trips. The combination of fun and adventure, hard work, cultural exposure and helping others is sure to create a lasting impression that will change and enhance lives.

Our custom coach will meet your group at your chosen departure point* in the evening and head south, crossing the border the next morning. Once south of the border, we'll soak up the sun and salt air at a beach stop for lunch. After shaking the sand off, we'll continue rolling through the cactus-coated scenery and stop to enjoy dinner in the Cataviña area.

Wake up to a continental breakfast in Southern Baja, then enjoy the gorgeous scenery as we to head to our afternoon destination — a mountain plateau where the Sierra Gigante range meets the Sea of Cortez. Hike down or take our beach shuttle to the village where we'll be performing our hands-on work and meet the locals. Later, head over to Playa Escondida, our hidden, private beach camp for a sumptuous cook out.

Mornings are a flurry of activity - rise and shine, it's time to make breakfast and pack a lunch. Immediately after we head over to the village and work until we break for lunch. Afternoons are much slower paced and are for rejuvenating from the hard work — soak up the sun and spectacular scenery in your choice of adventures!

Kayak to islands, watch leaping dolphins, and stroll on a secluded beach. Take a boat ride to a local fishing village and snorkel in the warm sea. Ride the coastline on a four-legged friend and relax in tidal hot springs. Hike to a seasonal waterfall and explore the slot canyons. Or read in a hammock in the shade and doze the afternoon away.

When our time is at an end in this magical place, we'll convene for closing-day celebrations and sample a traditional Mexican meal at the village. Of course, no celebration is complete without a pinata so get ready to be blindfolded and have a whack at the candy-filled novelty while the local children squeal with delight!

On our way north we'll visit the lovely sea-side town of Loreto, the former capital of Baja, and later we'll stroll the quaint streets of Mulege where you can indulge in a little shopping before dinner. Later, enjoy a gently rolling night-drive that rocks you to sleep as we return north.

Once back in the United States, our route home takes us up Highway 101 and showcases California's coastal gems like Monterrey, before arriving back in the Bay Area where we say our final goodbye.

*NOTE: This trip is best over the winter months and a variety of departure points are possible including, but not limited to, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Los Angeles and San Diego.

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