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Death Valley National Park

Green Tortoise adventure bus tours - Death Valley Sand Dunes

Death Valley National Park Adventure Map - Green Tortoise

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Death Valley National Park 2019 Departures:

Round Trip from San Francisco:

  • Thu, Nov 28 - Mon, Dec 2
  • Sun, Dec 29 - Thu, Jan 2

Departure Times

  • San Francisco, CA - 8:00 PM
  • Dublin/Pleasanton, CA - 9:00 PM
  • Bakersfield, CA - 2:00 AM (Day 2)

Arrival Times

  • Bakersfield, CA - 4:00 AM
  • Dublin/Pleasanton, CA - 8:00 AM
  • San Francisco, CA - 9:00 AM

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Death Valley National Park - 3 Days/4 Nights

Death Valley National Park is known for extreme conditions and extreme desert beauty, with vistas stretching from Mount Whitney’s towering crags to the lowest point in North America—the salty flats of Badwater Basin. This warm winter adventure explores wildly-colored canyons, the lunar landscape of a crater, playful sand dunes, natural hot springs, and a campout under a billion stars!

This short journey kicks-off with some of the finest treks through Death Valley’s mysterious panorama. Head out with your new friends to explore the weather-sculpted narrows of Golden Canyon and the eerily denuded Ubehebe Crater, a 700-foot plunge into the remnants of an ancient volcano.

Pause for a touch of elegance and the roaring 20’s at Scotty’s Castle*, Death Valley’s only mansion and a testament to one of the many charismatic desert dwellers that called this valley home. (*Scotty's Castle may still be closed due to damage sustained during a flash flood in 2015.)

Back in the great outdoors get to know the equally unique animals that keep the desert quietly teaming with life at Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes. Watch for tracks of coyotes, road runners, and lizards, or jump down the sandy slopes yourself for a photographic opportunity not to be missed!

A hike along the ribboning mounds of the Funeral Mountains leads to Zabriskie Point where you can quietly reflect on your journey among the brilliantly layered badlands. The trip wouldn’t be complete without a final dip to soothe your hiker’s limbs in Tecopa Hot Springs. From the lowest to the highest, and the wind-whipped sagebrush ridges between, come experience the desert’s fascinating allure Tortoise-style.

"The desert has a harshness that makes it more alluring, baffling, and fascinating than the mountains or the sea." Edward Abbey

Winter weather in Death Valley is ideal for outdoor activities but always prepare for changing desert conditions from chilly rain to blistering sun. Camping is optional; bring a tent if you prefer the crisp night air, or opt to sleep in the bus.

Note: Winter weather in Death Valley is going to be better than just about anywhere, but do come prepared with a hat and sunglasses for the days, and with warm layers for chilly nights. Average max/min temperatures are 24/8 °C (76/48 °F) in November, 18/4 °C (65/39 °F) in December and January, 22/7 °C (72/46 °F) in February, 26/11 °C (80/53 °F) in March, 32/16 °C (90/62 °F) in April. Average rainfall in Death Valley is 4.8 cm (1.9 inches) per year.

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