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Pacific Trek

Green Tortoise Adventure Bus Overland tours - Crater Lake

Pacific Trek Map - Green Tortoise

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Pacific Trek:

Round Trip from San Francisco:

  • Fri, Jul 12 - Fri, Jul 19

Departure Times

  • San Francisco, CA - 8:00 PM

Arrival Times

  • San Francisco, CA - 7:00 AM

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  • Points Awarded for this Trip: 2,000
  • Points for Free Trip: 35,000

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Pacific Trek - 6 Days/ 7 Nights

Journey through the lush forests of California's coastal redwoods - the earth's tallest living things, explore the amazing geological wonders of silent volcanoes, peer into the deep blue waters of a caldera lake framed by sheer cliffs, and get pumped by the adrenaline rush of white-water rafting. Our Pacific Northwest Adventure offers an unforgettable trek into one of the most unique territories in America!

We begin our journey with an awe-inspiring view of the city lights from the Golden Gate Bridge as we say goodbye to the city bustle and head north through Northern California. Morning finds is in the realm of towering giants, and a hike through the magical forest in Prairie Creek Redwood State Park leads to the unspoiled beauty of the North Coast. Soak up the majestic beauty of the coastline before a gourmet cookout and peaceful nights rest under a canopy of stars in the Trinity National Forest.

Blast off on the Trinity River with an optional white-water rafting experience or take a gentler approach to the day and soak up the sun while spotting wildlife on the banks of the river. Explore the historic town of Weaverville, nestled at the base of the Trinity Alps WIlderness, and visit some of the art galleries and historical buildings, or stroll through town on a coffeehouse tour before dining out.

Lassen National Park supports a "quiet" volcano and boasts a network of cracks in the earths crust that deliver hydrothermal delights and smokey plumage upward to the heavens. One of the wonders of the world, few have had the opportunity to spend time in a region so densely populated with geothermic activity! Explore the otherworldly terrain of Bumpass Hell and meander through steaming pools, multi-colored soils, and aquamarine water under the deep blue sky.

Experience the eye-opening beauty in the caves of Lava Beds National Monument. Descend into the cool underground and delight in discovering ancient smooth floors, golden ceilings, patches of sunlight-fed vegetation and mind-boggling formations like a year-round ice floor! Revisit history and learn about the battle between the Modoc Native Americans and the United States Army force at Captain Jack's Stronghold.

The blue depths of Crater Lake are ideal for a serene day of reflection, or for an inspiring hike to the shore. The volcanic island provides a unique photographic opportunity, as does the abundant and diverse vegetation. Keep your camera handy -- you may spot one of the local elk, pronghorn, black-tailed deer or coyote that resides here. Later, revitalize your body and spirit in a natural hot springs nestled in a lush forest overlooking a river. After soaking the night away, Umpqua Hot Springs is sure to be on your list of favorite plunge sites!

Satisfy your craving for metropolis in Ashland, Oregon. Stroll through an art gallery, take in some live music, sample the local offerings at a wine bar or microbrewery, attend a theatrical performance, then delight the taste buds with a culinary masterpiece. If shopping is your passion, you'll find plenty of specialty stores and boutiques to splurge in.  

The undiscovered terrain, geological wonders and historical features of this trip are sure to leave you in awe, fill you with wonder and will have you dreaming about your next adventure!

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