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Yosemite National Park Day Hikes


Listed by Level of Difficulty:


Lower Yosemite Falls - 20 minutes - This short walk up a paved trail to the bottom of Lower Yosemite Falls provides great views of Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls, plus a close-up view of the Lower Falls. (Note: this waterfall is often dry from August through October).

Shuttle Stop #7 - Lower Yosemite Falls shuttle bus stop, behind the bathroom.

Mirror Lake/Meadow - 1 hour. 2 miles (3.2 km) r/t. 100 foot (30 m) elevation gain - The walk to Mirror Lake/Meadow is a leisurely walk either along an old, paved road or along a slightly longer dirt trail. The "lake" is really a large pond in spring and a meadow the rest of the year. Despite this, you're still right at the bottom of Half Dome, and you have a great view from Mirror Lake/Meadow. You can also hike all the way around the lake (about 5 miles [8 km]).

Shuttle Stop #17 - Mirror Lake Trailhead Shuttle Stop (just east of the Valley Stables, about half mile from Curry Village).

Valley Floor Loop - Times vary. 330 foot (91 m) elevation gain - Walking along the Valley Floor is a great way to see the details of Yosemite Valley. While this trail remains close to the road for parts of the hike, you will not see very many hikers on the trail. To take the short version of this hike, be sure to cross the bridge just east of El Capitan Meadow (the large meadow at the base of El Capitan).

Shuttle Stop #7 - Lower Yosemite Falls shuttle bus stop, behind the bathroom.


Green Tortoise Adventure Bus tours - Half DomeVernal Falls (Mist Trail) - 1.5 hours to bridge (1.6 miles r/t). 3 hours to the top (3 miles r/t). 1,000 foot elevation gain - This hike offers the most scenic diversity of the Yosemite Valley day hikes. At the Vernal Falls footbridge, there's a view of 317 foot (97 m) high Vernal Falls. The further you go on this trail the better the views become -- all the way to the top of this waterfall. In spring and early summer, expect to get wet. Watch for slippery surfaces.

Shuttle Stop #16 - Happy Isles Shuttle Stop (about a half mile south of Curry Village).


Panorama Trail - 6 hours. 8.5 miles (13.7 km) round-trip. 800 foot (244 m) elevation gain. 4,000 foot (1.2 km) elevation drop - The Panorama Trail is full of spectacular views and includes close-up views of three waterfalls (including lesser known Illilouette Falls). The trail continues down the Mist Trail and ends at Happy Isles (Shuttle stop #16).

From late May or early June through October, a fee-based hiker bus will take you up to Glacier Point. Shuttle takes 1.5 hours and departs from Yosemite Lodge (Shuttle Stop #8).

Glacier Point Shuttle

Four Mile Trail (to Glacier Point) - 6 hours. 9.6 miles (15 km) round-trip. 3,200 foot (975 m) elevation gain - This trail takes you up switchbacks to the Glacier Point, along the rim of Yosemite Valley. The trail offers spectacular views up and down Yosemite Valley (not to mention what you get to see when you get to Glacier Point). There's a store, geology exhibit, and running-water restrooms at Glacier Point, as well as the gravity-defying “overhanging rock.”

Coming down the trail, be careful not to lose your footing on the broken asphalt surface.

Four Mile Trailhead, just west of Swinging Bridge picnic area.

Upper Yosemite Falls - 6 to 8 hours to the top. 7.2 miles (11.5 km) round-trip. 2,400 ft (730 m) elevation gain - This switchbacking trail takes you to the top of 2,425 foot (739 m) high Yosemite Falls. The trail provides great views of Half Dome and Eastern Yosemite Valley.

Columbia Rock, about a mile up the trail, has great views. Continue about a half-mile beyond Columbia Rock, along a relatively easy section of the trail, for spectacular views of Upper Yosemite Falls.

Shuttle Stop #7 - Lower Yosemite Falls Shuttle Stop, behind Camp 4.