Adam Calmenson

Master Chef

No, I'm not a MASTER Chef, but I'm a pretty good cook.
Yes, I have been to cooking school, the California Culinary Academy in SF
Yes, you should come to Yosemite for the weekend, it's a great trip
No, I don't drive the bus, I don't have a drivers' license.
No, I've never had a drivers license because I don't want one.
Yes, I CAN drive, but only if you're bleeding profusely.
No, I've never been to Akron.
Yes, I am from San Francisco, a native born and bred
Si, yo hablo un poco de espanol
Yes, this is my summer job, I work at SFSU as well.
No, I'm not a chef right now, I'm studying to be a teacher
Yes, we'll be there soon.
No, sorry, you can't smoke that on the bus
Yes, you can have seconds on dinner
No, I can't give you the recipe, if I did, I'd have to kill you.
Yes, I started out as a Green Tortoise groupie
Yes, this will be my third summer working with the Tortoise.
And the answer to you're final question is.....
"I'm not sure, somewhere between 50 and 100 times, I've stopped counting."
See you on the Bus!