Concrete Jimmy

Jimmy tours The Netherlands, bike baskets loaded with kilos of Kerststol!

Greetings, Earthlings!

Some of you may think you are going to embark on a cool bus trip, for me however this Tortoise phenomenon goes leagues beyond just that. This bizarre social experiment becomes a thing of fantasy as we gather together and grow together, folks from all over the globe, exploring the best of nature, and the best of each other, on the hippest busses in existence.

Something magical and profound happens when a busload of adventurous peeps climb into bed together to challenge their personal, social, cultural, and political boundaries, and to smell each other's socks. And the tremendous places you will visit will blow those smelly socks off for oodles of toe curling goodness.

Ahh, to watch them fall in love....

Turn ons: Co-ops, Kundalini yoga, potato leek soup, "Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars", 4th Gear, the Organic Food evolution, bio-diesel, motorcycling, jazz, smiling happy peace loving people, long moonlit drives on deserted beaches.

Turn offs: burnt rice, fuel dilution, disposable diapers, 'trickle down economics', weapons sharper than the tongue, sexism, racism, 'collateral damage'.