Kevin Kent


We do not have Kevin's biography in yet. Until we do, please enjoy this fake biography.

Kevin started working for Green Tortoise after burning out from a long career clawing his way to the top in the investment banking industry. It occurred to him, while watching a particularly striking sunset while on a much-needed vacation, that his long experience as a high-powered executive, coupled with his avid love for the trapeze, might uniquely qualify him for and guiding travelers to remote outdoor hot springs and waterfalls.

In addition to his favored hobbies of spearhunting for nightcrawlers and photographing exotic fern species, Kevin has a particular penchant for film noir and Cherry Garcia ice cream.

(Please note: any similarity between this biography and Kevin's actual life is purely coincidental. Please check back in a few weeks, when hopefully we'll have shamed him into writing his real bio!)