Andrew Lundberg


Andrew Lundberg

Andy goes to great heights in search of both adventure and double rainbows!

Sometimes it really is all about me (this bio), but its way more fun to co-create, which is yet another reason that the Tortoise is so rad! Its the grand experiment of it all -- thriving beyond the bus-full of ideas and cultures that merge to form something quite special indeed; dirty socks and all!

When I'm not on the road with GT, I seek shelter in my 83' VW Westy, my backpack, and the general confines of Oakland and/or Arcata, California. Last winter I spent three months in the big city of Buenos Aries, Argentina, studying theater and dance amongst other things.

Mainly I spend my time teetering somewhere in the in-betweens: I play, work, dream ... ideally at the same time. I feel comfortable kicking it old school on the basketball court or working with a post-contemporary dance/theater troup on stilts! I love feeling my body work, sipping mate, coffee, or wine with good friends and conversation, and many a many more things -- thanks to you and the Tortoise for helping to support me and continue the adventures to come!