Sean "Sully" Sullivan



Sully gets an interesting perspective on life in Antarctica

Sean Sullivan. Alias: Sully, Gravy, Sullster, Sullroyds.

Born and Raised in Detroit, Michigan (Actually it was the suburbs...shhh!)

Job history: Dishwasher, Food technician, Warehouse manager, U.S. Marine, Close circuit camera installer, Assistant interior decorator, Computer technician, Night bus driver, Floor tiling person, Painter, Handy man, Artist model, Cargo person, and Green Tortoise bus driver.

Important events that shaped my life:

Lately in life I've been spending my Northern hemisphere summers working with the Green Tortoise. Driving around the United States, exploring our great country, learning new skills, and loving life.

My Northern hemisphere winters are spent in the Southern Hemisphere (summer). Working as a Cargo person. Exploring and working in Antarctica, learning new skills, and loving life.

About once every six months I go home to see Ma to make sure she knows I'm still alive, and I love her. After all that, if there is any time left in a year, I travel to far off distant lands, meet exciting, unusual people, spending my time loving life.

Getting on a bus with me will provide you a complete experience, fun, scary, challenging, and renewing. You'll go home having learned something new, knowing you had an amazing time while on the journey of a lifetime.