Matty West


Matty West

I had spent most of my life fighting evil villains as my alter ego, atomic wedgie man. After a near fatal encounter with a particularly tight pair of underoos and a flagpole i decided to hang up my underwear for good and seek another, more sane, line of work.

I applied to be a Green Tortoise Driver thinking I would be helping turtles play golf, but it turned out to be much more bizarre and exciting then that! I have the utmost privilege of meeting people from all over the world and taking them to the most beautiful and amazing places in North America.

A green tortoise trip is not something one will soon forget! You may find yourself looking out into a green valley from the comfort of a natural hot spring, or learning how to say Venus fly trap in five languages, or maybe watching an amazing sunset from a warm red rock, or even realize that peanut butter and tomato sauce were actually meant to be in your mouth together.

My 4th grade teacher told me being a goofball in front of people would get me nowhere in life, BUT the reality is it got me a job and has sent me all over the continent. Wanna join me?