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Reviews from Previous Riders - Green Tortoise

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Alaska Loop

The balance of free time, scheduled activities, and the food that was provided were all great! And being with people that were free spirited- that showed up to a bus filled with strangers and became completely comfortable with one another within hours.

Natalie, 2016

Have done the other two ( Alaska ) adventures and just love it. So glad I went.

Dorothy, 2016


I love the Green Torotise and would go on another trip anytime. Discovering the Green Torotise literally changed my life. I have been to so many beautiful national parks and places that a few years ago had been just a dream. Keep up the adventure spirit.

Martha, 2014

It was fabulous. Very fresh with loads of variety & plenty of options for vegetarians and others with special dietary requirements. I've done Trek America before and this was much better!

Hannah, 2012

This was a trip-of-a-lifetime. Various nationalities and ages. Everyone got along together, and many friendships were formed. This trip was fantastically fun. The style of trip offered by Green Tortoise is perfect for me.

Lee, 2011

Absolutely superb!! Upbeat, efficient, high spirited, you name it!

Jack, 2010

Green Tortoise was a dream come true. I will recommend Green tortoise to any who ask, and plan another journey with Green Tortoise. This was more than a vacation, more than just an adventure, it was a life changing experience.

Alyn, 2010

Excellent itinerary, plenty of choices for things to do. This trip was exactly what I anticipated it would be. It far exceeded my expectations and I can't wait for the next Green Tortoise adventure!

Melinda, 2008

Our drivers were honestly the BEST in many ways. Great cooks too. They did a heroic job.

Gretchen, 2008

I was coming alone, and I liked the fact that I could meet other people who would be traveling alone and like the same kinds of things as I do (camping hiking etc). And the cost helped too! I'm so glad I decided to go with the Green Tortoise! It made my trip such a memorable experience I can only hope that others in the future will be as great. Thanks!!

Lynn, 2007

Both drivers were excellent. Definitely a big part of what made the trip great. Thanks for making such an adventure possible at such an incredible price. I really appreciate it!

Julie, 2007

Alaskan Expedition

The drivers were amazing, very friendly and professional! Food was an A+, inclusive and healthy options.

Anifsa, 2017

I originally booked in 1997 but had to reschedule. It was everything I expected it to be, and worth the 19 year wait :)

Kerrin, 2016

I loved it from the first to the last minute, Alaska opened my eyes to a whole new level of the world and I had the time of my life! Great people, great nature, great food ... what more could you ask for?

Melanie, 2012

It was really great fun and it allowed me to travel with a huge mixture of really fun people, It made travelling for me easier and more enjoyable, but at a low cost!

Jess, 2011

This is a great way to travel a country and I am currently looking for other companies in other countries but haven't found one that is really comparable to the GT. Great Job!

Lenora, 2011

Juneau was one of my favorite areas. The stops on the trip were so perfectly planned and executed by our awesome drivers!  I keep thinking about our wonderful trip, and I thank you so much for all the planning and forethought that made it so divine! I am in awe!

Marilyn, 2010

The group was nice! I liked the mixture of age and nationality!

Michele, 2007

Baja Beach Daze

It was great cooking with everyone. The drivers did a great job planning the menus.


One of the best trips I've ever taken! The people were as great as the destination!

Dale, 2016

Snorkeling with the whale sharks was absolutely an amazing experience...the absolute highlight for me.

Linda, 2014

Drivers were able to direct a group of diverse strangers with sincere warmth and authority. They never lost their cool!

Bill, 2012

Excellent! I was amazed at how efficiently the meals were prepared as well as by the variety and high quality. The dinners at Playa Escondida were most impressive. I liked preparing our own lunches immediately after breakfast.

Lorraine, 2012

We have done many road trips in the past and it's always such a hassle to worry about if your car will make it, the cost of gas, having the right directions, etc. Plus by the time you get there you're usually so tired from all the driving. This trip took all the worry out of it. You just went to sleep and woke up in your destination!

Robert, 2011

I was surprised about the flexibility and the good atmosphere during the trip. I really loved the experience. The itinerary was very good and we saw a lot.

Carolina, 2009

The best surprise for my partner and me -in our 50's- was that half of the passengers were teachers on break; I was worried that it would be a bus full of energetic, wild, students on school break. In fact this was a fantastic group of varied ages, nationalities, energy levels, all eager to learn about each other and have fun together.

About the food: You exceeded expectations. I mean, fresh fish, raw fish, sushi, raw clams and fruit and salad all the time. What feasts!

Elizabeth, 2008

I thought the itinerary was excellent, well planned, and I enjoyed the amount of time we had at the beach camp; while it was laid back there were still plenty of activities and things to do.

Sarah, 2008

Our drivers were/are INCREDIBLE! I felt very safe and very cared for. They made it REALLY fun -- so much more than just drivers -- guides, cooks, mechanics, camp counselors, medics...

Diane, 2007

I like the idea of lots of camping out overnight, it was great just parking for several days in one spot and just kicking back. The camp site was awesome, a great setting, great food and great fellowship among all the passengers and drives, and the folks who were at the campsite. I love taking Tortoise trips, I rave constantly to all my friends, and highly recommend all your trips. I'd love to do 'em all. Keep adding different trips so I'll never run out of new adventures.

David, 2007

Best of the West

Had a great time. Would definitely do another one!

Sarah, 2016

I enjoyed the trip. It is very interesting because in a short time I visited many places and made many friends from different countries.

QuianQian, 2015

This trip was the best part of my 3 month journey in the USA!

Anneke, 2014

The value and ethos: Healthy meals, outdoor adventures, hiking, camping in the great American outdoors and visiting so many breathtaking places in the West that would be too costly to visit by don't have to do the driving! You get to meet all sorts of people and take in the scenery from the Green Tortoise bus!

Karoline, 2013

Really enjoyed meeting all the varied people from across the world. Keep on doing what your doing- it's certainly unique, and I'll be recommending your trips.

Phil, 2008

The trip was great because we saw so much in this short time. You
can never do this on your own. We had action, beaches, big town and also
parks and quiet places to hike.

Tanja, 2007

Our driver was fantastic, great leadership qualities, good cook, and was chilled out and relaxed without negating his responsibilities. He also lent me his backpack and gave good advice for the hike into the Grand Canyon, which I appreciated greatly and also worked hard to find a sentimental item which went missing at the end of trip.

Suzanne, 2007

Burning Man

I decided very spontaneously to go to Burning Man for the first time...and going with the Green Tortoise just felt right, because I knew I would definitely meet open-minded, lovely people and would not be on my own.

Kathleen, 2016

The Green Tortoise rocks Burning Man and I love it. Keep up the great work!

April, 2016

I went last year for my first time and it was a blast. I was happy to return this year and see a lot of the same faces.

Aimee, 2015

It was an awesome trip. Highly recommend!...Everyone could contribute and be part of the community.

Isabel, 2015

My wife traveled with the Green Tortoise on her first Burning Man trip and told me about your company. I love the spirit and energy of Burning Man. Since I'm traveling from Canada, it's difficult to bring all the necessary camping equipment.Going with the Green Tortoise is an easy way to experience the event without costing a fortune.

Jonathan, 2014

The food was excellent and having gone to the festival with GT, I still marvel at how easily they cope wit the logistical challenge of making sure there's enough food for such a large group of people.

Mairead, 2013

The freedom of experiencing Burning Man without having to worry about transporting food, water, and waste myself. Coming from the East Coast this was definitely the best option for me!

Noelle, 2011

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! The best food I ate on my holiday in America was at Burning man. The fruit and vegetables were cold and fresh and the ingredients were top quality. The food far exceeded my expectations. Being in the desert I assumed to be having dried noodles and baked beans but instead I was offered a fantastic feast for every meal.

Grace, 2011

Great chefs and so relaxed about the way they coordinated our help! That made the experience so enjoyable. The food was varied and tasty! Thank you!

Jonathan, 2010

I was blown away by the food. Even in a dust storm the kitchen ran and food was prepped with a smile. Kitchen help out time was fun.

Kelly, 2009

I liked the idea of transportation, food, and water already being included. I just had to show up and not worry preparing all of these.

Joan, 2007

Cactus Crawler

I wanted to make my way across the southwest for a contrast. Ending in New Orleans was ideal, as I have already seen the East Coast, and love the Big Easy. Good trip all around.

Tom, 2007

International people from all over the world plus a bus where one can sleep.

Goryaev, 2007

California Coastal Crawler

The dates suited my visit to California and the opportunity to visit varios locations whilst travelling between San Francisco and LA is what attracted me. Would love to go on another GT route in the future!

Sam, 2016

The food was delicious and the drivers were very professional and fun to talk to.

Stephanie, 2015

As always, the tour was fun and certainly lived up to my expectations.

Judith, 2013

The food was excellent — the social meals were great and the fact lunch was generally included was a brilliant surprise.

Nikki, 2012

It takes you places that aren't usually advertised; off the beaten track :) It's a great way to meet fellow travellers AND see your beautiful country!

Janine, 2012

I keep telling people about the Green Tortoise bus tour. Hopefully they all have the same great experience we had. We didn’t t know each other before the trip and three or four days on a bus feels like a three or four weeks ... and then everybody goes back to their life or their travel around the world ... but we still keep in touch ... it is so great.

Nurhan, 2011

This was the best trip I've ever taken alone. Didn't expect to meet such lovely people who enjoyed sitting around camp fires as much as myself!

Sylvia, 2007

California Cruiser

It was more laid back compared to other travel companies. I loved the concept of the bus and everyone getting involced in the cooking.

Lucy ,2015

The trip its self was great, the itinerary was well thought out and well structured.

Jane, 2012

So glad I took the Tortoise instead of a more traditional structured trip. Great people and awesome places, brilliant :)

Amanda, 2011

Great food overall. Loved all the veggies and especially abundance of fruit. Way to go. The drivers are all excellent chefs!

Sergei, 2011

The drivers were so much fun!  They all knew what they were talking about with regards to the places we visited!

Amy, 2007

Canyons of the West

Thanks to the drivers, guide and all others that made this trip a success; including other trippers. What a great group of travelers from around the world!

Barry, 2017

Amazing food!

Catrin, 2016

I came away a changed man...I found my true self.

Gary, 2015

I had an awesome time, it was exactly what i wanted the trip to be. Would definitely do another trip with you when I'm able to travel again. Highly recommend this trip to anyone I got to do more hiking than I thought & I met a wide range of travelers only wish it was a little longer as I still didn't get to talk to some people.

Melanie, 2013

I really enjoyed the trip and got to know so many new people from all over the world!

Randy, 2012

I thought their driving skills were excellent (I am a professional driver), Their knowledge of the areas was good and they both made a lot of effort toward making the trip a success for all of us.

Ling Peng, 2011

Loved the trip, best thing I've done for myself in years. Wish I discovered this as a younger adult. Would have given me an (earlier) different outlook on life.

Randy L, 2011

I love your hostel, love your trips, i love two of your drivers on the canyons trip and i thoroughly loved the trip and have some fond memories of the trip which i will treasure forever; once again, thank you for making my usa trio so pleasant.; your company has restored my faith that america is an interesting place well worth visiting.

Paras, 2010

I loved the trip. I got to see so much of our beautiful country and it was nice to have the experience of the Tortoise people to give recommendations for hikes, places to eat, things to see, etc. I also had so much fun meeting all the people on our trip. I think we counted 15 different countries represented by the passengers on the bus!

Holly, 2008

I truly enjoyed how diverse our bus group was. There were people from 14 different countries, aged from 8 to 69 years-old, and everyone got along well. I felt as if I had jumped into a community full of love and support of my life's upcoming adventures.

Lisa, 2008

The special kind of travelling - also with a group of unknown people (at the beginning) and friends (at he end). The food was better than I expected, even though it was vegetarian! I haven't got a need to eat meat! The tour was quite well planned. The bus is an experience on his own! Well done!

Carsten, 2007

I was happy that the group had participants from 8-70 years of age. Now I know I can go with Green Tortoise if I get children, and when I get retired.

Anna, 2007

I would say that this was one of the best experiences of my life, up there with watching my sister be born and my first year away from home. I got to have incredible, thought and emotion-provoking conversations with 34 unique, amazing people from 14-15 different countries ... It was amazing. Thanks for existing, Green Tortoise!

Amber, 2007

Canyons of the West - LA

The drivers were excellent and careful. They made sure that everyone felt welcomed as they joined at different times. They ensured we were safe, were professional but friendly, had goo knowledge of the area.

Anne, 2015

I think the drivers tried really hard to make it amazing — waking us up for sunrise in the Grand Canyon was a particular highlight.

Frankie, 2010

Thank you so much for the best holiday I've had!! I met some awesome friends (hopefully for life) Saw things that were out of this world and did things I never imagined I would be able to do (hike Angels Landing, Grand Canyon the list is endless!) keep up the good work and see you again soon :-)

Nick, 2007

The food was excellent and way above my expectations having been on another GT tour last year.

Emily, 2007

Cross Country: Northern Crossing

Gave me the opportunity to see the bits of America I wouldn't normally see or get a chance to.

Martin, 2014

I tell my adventures almost every day to someone else. The best memories and stories always end up to be the adventures of the Green Tortoise trips. It was the best time I had. Thank you very much and I hope I have the possibility again to go aboard.

Nadine, 2012

Love the ethos of the company and trip. As a solo traveller it’s a great way to meet interesting people from all over the world. I've done two trips and they've both been wonderful!

Simon, 2011

This was my fourth GT trip and hopefully not my last. To be honest, Green Tortoise provides its travelers with a co-operative, unpretentious, relaxed and friendly way to see this great country

Jim, 2011

The trip was a wonderful experience. The memories will help me through a good many dreary workdays and I hope, I can return to do another GT trip, soon. Great work and thanks so much to everybody involved in making this the experience of a lifetime for all those who travel with you and share your values.

Ulrike, 2010

Manuel and Andy were just amazing hosts. The trip wouldn't have been the same without them. Extremely friendly yet professional when it counted. They participated in most activities and were great fun to be around. If I was to ever do another trip it would be great if they were the drivers!!

They were both excellent courteous drivers who had great respect for the bus and the passengers

Carl, 2010

The time spent hiking in the Ruby Mts., rafting the Salmon River, accessing Jackson Hole and Yellowstone, and visiting the unique community of ST. Croix Falls, WI, dining and Jazz in Chicago, and seeing Niagara Falls, all for the first time, was just part of a great experience.

Doug, 2007

Our drivers were brilliant. They organised us very well despite the numbers on the trip. One driver brought a great sense of humour to the trip and constantly entertained and the the driver's singing round the campfire was priceless. They were both brilliant and made the trip even more special. This was the best trip I have been on. The itinerary was great and I was amazed how much time we had to stay in the locations we visited. The drivers were just brilliant and I cannot compliment them enough - they worked so hard during the two weeks I just don't know how they managed it. It was a fantastic trip and I can't wait to travel with GT again!

Jill, 2007

I knew it would be fun, educational, a chance to interact with many types of people from all over the world, no driving or trip planning for my family, good food and no meal planning to do, and I thought it would be a great experience for my 2 kids (ages 9 and 13). My husband also went. I figured it would be tough to travel cross the country with just our family and have nearly as much fun as with the GT. My kids (especially the 13 year old) could hang out with other new "friends" and not be with Mom and Dad if so chose (which he did!) and yet still experience a shared family vacation.

Lida, 2007

Cross Country: Northern Dream

The Green Tortoise tour was the best trip we could ever book. it was so fun, we saw a lot and we met a lot of nice and funny people! That was an awesome time and I would recommend it to everyone!

Laura, 2012

I cannot express how much I enjoyed my trip. It was an amazing experience and one that I will treasure. The drivers, the people and the places we visited were awesome and I would not hesitate to return or recommend it to others.

Kim, 2011

This crossing and the whole experience was incredibly exciting, varied and fun. I travel extensively, but had never met a magic bus before. Planning the next tour already, I can thoroughly recommend to adventurous travellers who like a challenge the Green Tortoise bus experience.

Judith 2010


Cross Country: Southern Crossing

Food was really good, for so many people the meals were better than I expected, well planned, prepared and tasty!!

Pauline, 2012

I have recommended this Green Tortoise trip to just about everyone I know, and hope to go on one with my mom soon!

Joey, 2010

I was traveling alone, wanted to get out to the national parks and see as much as possible in my short trip. The GT tour packed in loads of places enabling me to see so much more than i would have on my own. It went to loads of really cool places like white sands, city of rocks and Zion. It was superb value for money and meant that i would be with lots of other people. "

Possibly the best 2 weeks of my life. Absolutely ideal for a solo traveller, a great way to see a lot of America in a short time and on a tight budget. Thanks Green Tortoise and thanks Dave and Manuel for being great drivers.

David, 2010

It was the best thing I have done since I have been in America and would recommend it to anyone wanting to see the country in a fun way.

Stefanie, 2007

Our driver was amazing and she went out of her way to get me a cake and celebrate my birthday with everyone. She made sure things were running smoothly and was very approachable.

Kyla, 2007

Great ideas with the cookouts. The food is always fresh and the menus were delicious.

Johanna, 2007

Cross Country: Southern Dream

The drivers were fun, friendly, and smart. They organized things well, checked on how we were all doing, and gave FANTASTIC advice on things to do at our various destinations. The drivers really cared about us having a good time.

Rich, 2012

The food was GREAT ! There were vegans on our trip, and there were lots of options for them. I'm pretty picky, but there were usually multiple options and you could always tweak things as need be.

Jessica, 2012

Thanks again! I had a really great time and met nice people. It was definitely one of my favorites during my six week trip through the USA.

Alessandra, 2010

Excellent places to visit, and great that most of the driving was done over night so we pretty much woke up in a new state every day, but also had the chance to camp under the stars sometimes. - This Green Tortoise trip was the best 2 weeks I have ever had. I made some great friends and saw some awesome sites. It started off by being something I needed to do to fill my time, but ended up just being too short. I would definitely do it again and would recommend it to anyone. And staying in the Green Tortoise Hostel in San Francisco was the perfect way to end my trip. I couldn't have had a better time!

Neeti, 2007

I had a really good time, met a great group of people and think the whole idea of the GT is cool.

Lucy, 2007

Cross Country: USA Expedition

Food was excellent and creative ... amazing what would appear on our plates out in the "wild." Incredible meal planners, not to mention physical strength getting all the stoves, etc. on and off the bus!

Markus, 2012

I believe that the quality of our meals really improved the trip for me. It gave us exactly what we needed to really enjoy all the hiking and hot weather.

Nicola, 2010

Cross Country: USA Explorer

I felt an overall sense of generosity ... there was a lot of care in providing ample delicious food and the "drivers" were generous with their energy and time ... seemed to do much more than required baseline service.

Marjorie, 2010

I've recommended the Green Tortoise to several people — I would like to take my Granddaughter next time — and, I think the cost is excellent! Great value for the money.

Carol, 2012

The food was truly outstanding in my opinion. Above and beyond all expectations at every meal!

Cristin, 2011

I am very impressed by the marvelous views around the States and also the enormous area with different kinds of people, animals, trees as well as cultures from the west coast to the east coast.

Kunyan, 2010

What attracted me to this trip was the fact that as a girl traveling alone I would be safe. Food was delicious. Maybe we could have had more meat.. I'm going to look now on your website for recipes of some of the meals. Our drivers were great at making sure we got see as much as we could and have as much fun as possible.

Tessa, 2007

Death Valley National Park

Loved it, loved it, loved it. Wonderful people, great food, awe-inspiring places, and unforgettable experiences (the Tecopa hot spring in particular was spectacular).

Kristen, 2012

This trip was the perfect length for a long weekend getaway, and Death Valley proved to be a big surprise with its varied landscapes and colors like an artist's palette. Sleeping under the desert sky and counting shooting stars was a highlight I've come to expect from GT trips. LOVED the experimental hot springs in the middle of nowhere — it was what we would call a real adventure true to the GT's reputation.

Stephanie, 2011

It was so much fun! A very chill way to travel. The bus was great, scenery was great, and the drivers were fantastic! Thank you so much!

Erica, 2010

The diverse fun crowd, the awesome employees, the sweet hikes, and the ability to adventure and take risks freely!!

Nora, 2010

I highly recommend Green Tortoise to anyone who wants to have a trip on the off the beaten path. I enjoyed not doing the whole touristy thing better because I really do get to see more of the really beauty of a place.

Cindy, 2009

Thanks to all my fellow passengers, and the drivers, for making the trip so much fun. It was great meeting people from so many different countries, as well as the U.S. I had a fabulous time!!!

Mary, 2008

This is the second trip I have taken with my son. We went to  Yosemite when he was 8. It is a great way to travel with a kid. I was able to relax, play with him and enjoy myself instead of stressing out over driving and preparing meals. Traveling on the Tortoise has given us unique travel experiences and fun memories to share.
Jackson became the bus mascot. He taught our new foreign friends how to make s'mores and play Marco Polo at the Hot Springs. The driver and our fellow passengers seem genuinely delighted and interested in hanging out with him. It has opened his eyes to how big and marvelous our natural world is as well as helped him realize the world is full of warm, generous people from all over. As a parent, I can say with confidence that the Tortoise has been a GREAT experience for me and my son. You WILL see us again!!!!!!

Chelsea, 2008

Our drivers were both awesome. I felt extremely safe and comfortable with both of them driving and would definitely take any trips they where driving.. I love traveling on the Green Tortoise its an awesome way to travel and i loved watching and participating in the Miracle on the bus :)

Diana, 2007

National Parks Loop

It really was the most incredible trip of my life!!! I had so much fun, saw such incredible sights, and met so many interesting people from different cultures. I will definitely be recommending the Green Tortoise to as many people as I can. Thank you so much for facilitating this form of travel to us! You allow us to make life-long memories and I'm so grateful!!!

Anne 2011

Impressed by the way you combine the nicest places in US for the least amount of money. Also impressed by the non-commercial way of travelling with Green Tortoise!

Annalisa 2011

Terrific! Couldn't be better. It was fun doing the meals together, and the food was always prepared quickly. Very well balanced food; no junk food or fast food. We had a great time. The trip was planned perfectly. It felt like we built to crescendo. By the last night — it felt like an instant community had been formed. Our guides were friendly and knowledgeable and, probably most importantly, let us know we were in good, safe hands.

James 2012

It was great, magic, full of satisfaction trip for me, I enjoyed every moment on the bus, even night drives and cold weather at Yellowstone, the great canyon, all the parks, everything was amazing!!!!

Igor 2012

It sounded like a human adventure! Meeting a lot of people and enjoying different hikes without feeling force to follow everybody every time. We are all together but we still have independence!

Caroline, 2010

Thanks for a great time! I was slightly worried about (probably) being the youngest person at 18, and traveling alone, but in hindsight I am glad I took the trip alone and I always felt totally at ease despite any age differences. I never expected group travel to be such an AWESOME time so thank you, and I will definitely, 100% be back in the future!

Our drivers were both amazing. They were obviously very knowledgeable, nice people, able to both control and get along with all sorts of people. They (thankfully) didn't act like regular tour guides who just tote you from place to place, they were really cool.

Rebecca, 2010

Our ages varied from 19 to 75, and at last it felt almost like a family. It was a real adventure. I'll be back!

Laura, 2010

Traveling solo around the US, I was desperate to see some of the national parks but knew that this would be challenging & expensive to achieve by myself. The idea of this trip instantly appealed with the opportunity to see fantastic places while meeting some great like minded people along the way.

Trip really was one of the best things i've done in an amazing year of traveling the world. Saw some of the most stunning places on earth & made some great truly great friends in the process. Something i will remember for a long, long time & will be encouraging many people to share the same experience. Maaasssive thanks to all at the GT!

Martyn, 2010

The itinerary was amazing as each day we went somewhere stunning and you never stopped, with each day being filled with stuff to do. It was also really good being able to swim everyday as it made you feel cleaner. I had such an amazing time, i miss the bus so much and will definitely recommend you to everyone! Couldn't have asked for a better trip!

Katie, 2007

Although I principally chose this trip for the value for money, I will be taking other Green Tortoise trips for many other reasons. I am by no means a physically active person and so was a little apprehensive regarding the amount of hiking we would be doing and anticipated that I would be opting out of a lot of it and sitting by lakes waiting for weary hikers to return. However, once on the trip, my attitude changed considerably and because hiking was such a major focus on the trip and the vastly more sociable option, I ended up partaking in nearly all of the hikes, including the mega Angel's Landing in Zion and heading half way down into the Grand Canyon.

This was something I never believed that I would be able to do and it was all down to the amazing support and help I received from the Tortoise drivers and passengers. The attitude of the drivers and passengers made the trip and I have made many long lasting friends who I am sad to leave behind. I have connected with these people in ways that I never thought I could and the diversity of the travelers meant that I have mixed with types of people that in normal society I would have never socialised with. The Tortoise has given me the experience of a lifetime and I am deeply sorry to say goodbye, although I anticipate it won't be for long!

Fran, 2007

Northern Pioneer

I like the mix of cities and loved the idea that I could see the canyons without having to hire a car!

Laura, 2012

I had a fantastic time. I wish I had done a trip like this sooner. As you know, it's more than just a way of seeing the sights. I met some really great people whom I hope to stay in touch with. I learned some things about myself. It was personally rewarding as well as relaxing, challenging, and fun.

Johanna, 2011

Its great that you get all your food included (easy to budget) and it all tastes great and is healthy, which is good because its hard to be healthy when travelling.

Caroline, 2012

Trip was awesome. Don't think that I would change any venues on the tour. Just the right mix of middle-of-nowhere locations and small tourist towns.

Robert, 2010

Plenty of good and good tasting food. Loved the boiled omelets and pizza! This was my 18th trip with the Tortoise and certainly not my last. The passengers were one of the more interesting groups I've ridden with as far as diversity in ages (three families) and nationalities.

Lou, 2007

Oregon Country Fair

It was fantastic! Keep it the same!

Bill, 2012

Thanks to all my fellow passengers, and the drivers, for making the trip so much fun. It was great meeting people from so many different countries, as well as the U.S. I had a fabulous time!!!

Mary, 2009

Good fun, excellent food, amazing places and awesome people! loved it!

Brett, 2012

A Perfect way to make get to the festival from the Bay Area! It was wonderful being able to get to know some great people before I arrived to the fairgrounds!

Kylie, 2012

West Coast Wonder

Went to the places I wanted to go, and good value for money. Thanks for a great trip!
What attracted you most about this trip?
Exotic locations - a healthy mix of culture, beaches and camping.

Western Roadrunner

AWESOME!!!! Drivers were smart, knowledgeable, caring, relaxed, reliable, safe, fun, he was able to "lay down the law" in a kind and cool way…

Paul, 2011

The trip and the Green Tortoise group exceeded my every expectation. I loved the group, the camaraderie, and the experience. I definitely want to go again next year!

Sam, 2011

I would do it again a thousand times! It was a fantastic trip and exceeded my expectations in every way. I never thought that 30 people could get along so well in such close quarters — I think this trip really attracts people who have the right attitude.

Lisa, 2012

I was really happy with the itinerary; we always seemed to have a good length of time at all of the places without feeling rushed, and I am amazed how much we got to see in one week!

Stephanie, 2010

Western Trail

I knew the food was good and the Green Tortoise way of travelling where you can lie down to sleep on the bus is really cool. Also being able to drive to off the beaten track places and pitch a tent and have a campfire is something you don't get on other trips and not always something you can do on your own!

Ria, 2012

Perfect for solo-travelers, hoping to take another trip next time I pop by the States! Everybody should try the Green Tortoise at least once in their life!

Jasper, 2011

We both had a wonderful time and came back feeling as if we'd been gone for a day. Besides the great drivers, food, organization, and sight-seeing, the people on the trip were wonderful. It was a real treat to meet people of so many different backgrounds.

Madeleine, 2010

Seeing such a variety of places: beach, big city, desert. I think the best part of this trip was the people we met and the friendships we developed. Simply going somewhere new is fun, but sharing it with a bunch of new friends made this trip truly memorable.

Max, 2008

Didn't blow my budget and we went to the places I wanted to visit -- you saw the contrast of the organized urban life and the wild nature (both very beautiful in [their] own way).

Ann, 2007

Yosemite National Park

Thanks so much. This trip was the highlight of my holiday!

Christie H. , 2017

Food was awesome, definitely exceeded my expectations.The drivers were amazing and they played a big role in making the trip awesome! The trip was by far the best idea I've ever had! I will definitely be planning another trip with the Green Tortoise in the near future!

Hannah , 2017

I love the adventure of riding / sleeping in the bus, and the unique room and board arrangements. Every detail of the trip was well organized.

Reyza, 2017

I felt very safe with both drivers. And mechanically, the bus seemed very well maintained.

Christian, 2016

Overall it was a great trip!! I absolutely loved Yosemite, and I made a lot of great friends that weekend.

Erika, 2012

The fact that the buses take off in the evening is just brilliant! I've never slept so well on a moving vehicle!

Mikko, 2012

They were very professional, sociable and knowledgeable about the park and the surrounding areas.

Claire, 2010

Without a doubt I'll be back next year! Literally had the Best Time of my life!! Not just the destinations, but the laughter on the bus!!

Conor, 2010

We both had a wonderful time and came back feeling as if we'd been gone for 2 weeks. Besides the great drivers, food, organization, and sight-seeing, the people on the trip were wonderful. It was a real treat to meet people of so many different backgrounds.

Madaleine, 2008

As a former Camp Councilor myself, I see that skill taken to a higher level. Facilitator, Councilor, Peace. Maker, Travel Guide, behind the scenes motivator, etc, etc. Oh, and did I mention that they were all four great DRIVERS, too? We were at all times in good hands! Being omnivorous I had some worries about the lack of meat, but found the fare quite good, satisfying, and sufficient for the strenuous hiking involved. There was always the option of outside food at many of the stops. I never needed to use that option but was glad it was there...

Paul, 2007

Green Tortoise Charters

Brinkerhoff Charter
Your trip planning and high energy along the way were really great. All of the travelers have said this was a fantastic trip which exceeded their expectations, as you led us to explore many new places in the US. They now appreciate the Tortoise method of travel, and how it allows rapid and deep friendships to form. It was an ambitious itinerary, and we faced a few weather challenges (April blizzard in Arizona!) along the way, but you did a fantastic job to bring it off so nicely.

Bill, 2011

Waldorf School of the Peninsula
Many thanks for making the end of our journey a great success. We all feel very blessed to have had you and Charles as our drivers/guides. The word spread out very quickly at our school as to how great the trip was.

I was personally very impressed with the clarity, sensitivity and spiritual approach in your communication with the students and of course the fantastic and very well balanced choice of activities, destinations and meals.

Dan, 2010

Yuba River Charter School
Having completed graduation with my class last Friday, I have a moment to think and want to thank you for helping make our 8th grade class trip the best ever! Cassa and Adrain were superb and they really helped in creating a great atmosphere and an absolute rockin' time!

I will have my class in 8th grade in 2 years and once again will be looking at a trip. I will for sure consider going with Green Tortoise!

Doris, 2010

Yuba River Charter School
I loved ALL of it. We sort-of had a different schedule than usual, because we were a class. My favorite place on the trip was probably Canyon de Chelly.

Our drivers' ... I had no idea they would be such a big part of the trip! They did everything with us!!! Cassa had a great sense of humor, and was always making sarcastic remarks. And Adrian had a good taste in music, and he was also an awesome dancer!!!

Jesse, Age 14, 2010

Sandpoint Waldorf School, Idaho
We had a wonderful trip to Bahia de los Angeles! Ever since we returned (and even during the trip), I (and the students and other adults) have been praising Green Tortoise! The trip far exceeded my expectations. I have led my class on numerous trips in the Northwest and I have always been the one to plan the itinerary and the menu and to do the shopping and to supervise the cooking. This time all of that was taken care of!

Julie, 2008