From Yosemite National Park to the rugged California coastline to the desert of the Southwest, this adventure has it all!  Get off the beaten path and see some of the USA’s most beloved landscapes.  

This tour of some of the most beautiful destinations of the West shouldn’t be missed!  Camp in Big Sur, boulder hop in Joshua Tree National Park, trek into the Grand Canyon, experience Death Valley National Park and hike in the hidden gem, Pinnacles National Monument!  In just one week, we’ll cover a lot of ground and come back with a lot of great memories!

Come see why they say the “Pacific Northwest is best!”  With visits to ancient lakes, forests and historic towns, this adventure is perfect for the history buff or avid hiker!  Find out how Crater Lake was formed, marvel at the massive nature of coastal redwood trees, soak in hot springs and window shop in Oregon’s most quaint downtown.  This adventure provides fun for everyone!


Go on the Pacific Trek with the added bonus of exploring Yosemite National Park!  After a weekend of venturing through pristine valleys and meandering beautiful meadows, experience the majesty of the Pacific Northwest!  Visit Crater Lake and Lassen National Parks, soak in rejuvenating hot springs and explore Ashland, Oregon.  Pack your bags and let’s go!

After experiencing the highlights of Yosemite, kick-back on sandy California beaches, be dazzled in Hollywood, maybe hit the jackpot in Las Vegas, hike around Bryce Canyon and go for a swim beneath the stunning red rock cliffs of Zion National Park.  This adventure is a perfect combination of camping and hotel or hostel stays.  This adventure is perfect for the city slicker and outdoor enthusiast!

Choose your own adventure on this journey full of west coast highlights.  Experience Santa Cruz, Monterey and Big Sur, as well as Zion, Bryce and Joshua Tree National Parks!  Perfect for the solo traveler or couple on holiday in California.  

Don’t miss all of the awe-inspiring scenery along California’s coastline.  Visit the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, saunter along the waterfront in Monterey and camp in Big Sur.  Crawl from the City by the Bay to the City of Angels!

See the best of California on this eight-day trip to Yosemite’s glacially carved wilderness and back along the endless horizon of the Pacific Ocean.  Ride the adventure bus along the coastal bluffs of California’s Big Sur coastline to the City of Angels.