An Adventure Reading List

Do you read books related to your destination while you travel or look for travel inspiration through reading? Of course, a good adventure guide book like Moon or Lonely Planet can come in handy, but sometimes a fiction novel will ignite a curiosity about a place you wouldn't have imagined otherwise. Do you love haunting ghost stories or mysteries? Perhaps you're a reader of historical fiction. Or maybe a modern love story is more your style. Whatever sparks your interest, there's bound to be an interesting read to discover set in your travel destination.

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Overcoming Travel Fears – A Case For Taking The Leap

“You never do anything when you think too much,” she said. She playfully referred to her companions fear of the unknown. After trudging through four miles of rainforest, mud up to their ankles, the two young women were standing in front of Hanakapi’ai Falls on the island of Kauai. Water gushed over a gigantic cliff in front of them. Another admonition of the fact that they were small pieces of a great, big world.

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