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Blast From The Past

Check out this blast from the past! We dug into the archives to find some of the very first Tortoise Trails ever published. Before the internet became everyone’s go-to travel guide, in typical Green Tortoise fashion, we were spreading the word via snail mail. We haven’t yet found volume 1, number 1. If you’ve have it tucked away in a box, please do send us a copy.

The summer of 1986 was quite the adventure on the Green Tortoise! The 1986 World’s Fair, named ‘Expo ’86’ was transportation and communication themed and held in Vancouver, British Columbia. We brought passengers to visit the special event, which ended up being the last World’s Fair held in North America. Read all about it below!

Stroll Down Memory Lane

As we read through the stories in this edition, we were reminded that the path we’ve been traveling hasn’t much changed. In respect to the destinations and overall vibe on the Green Tortoise, we’ve truly stuck to our roots. This year, we will visit Alaska & Yosemite and we still love sharing our local knowledge with passengers!

One of our favorite pieces includes a guide to dining out near the Green Tortoise Hostel in San Francisco. Many of the restaurants listed in Erik Gerrick’s guide have since closed. However, Rainbow Grocery & General Store, Taqueria La Cumbre, the Bohemian Cigar Store, Golden Boy Pizza, and Tai Chi are all still great recommendations for a visit to San Francisco!

Let us know your favorite “blast from the past” article in the comments!

A blast from the past newspaper published in 1986 advertises upcoming trips on the Green Tortoise adventure coach.
A 1986 Tortoise Trails newspaper takes us on a stroll down memory lane describing Alaska, where to eat in San Francisco and traveling coast to coast on a Green Tortoise bus